Counselling focuses on listening to you and supporting you. An objective of counselling is to help you to speak about a difficulty and discover a solution that is appropriate for you.  
The process involves obtaining insight into the problems you confront. Through exploring your thoughts, feelings and significant events in your life it offers opportunities to discover suitable methods of coping and to facilitate change. Psychodynamic counselling centres on the unconscious meaning of the issues you encounter. It helps you to become aware of the parts of your inner dynamics. It enables you to explore and link past, present and future experiences and offers an opportunity to address unresolved conflicts of the past. 
Through this uniquely individual journey, you will be assisted to gain greater insight to your personality and be enabled to create long-lasting ways of change in your present behaviour and future choices; achieving healing, acceptance and transformation. Insight-oriented therapy will integrate several techniques that are tuned to your individual need and pace. This method enhances your self-understanding to give you choices and empower you in your life.
Couples Counselling
This type of counselling helps partners to communicate with one another and to understand and resolve underlying issues and conflicts. The client here is actually the dynamic between the two of you. Time can be taken to explore each persons past and current experiences. This is to further an understanding of the two individuals that are together. Events that the couple feel have led to their current relationship issues can be explored and given an opportunity to be resolved, whilst being offered techniques towards having a more healthy dynamic. Alternatively, the couple may reach a conclusion towards a more amicable ending or separation.


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